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John and Michael tell Ariel and Belle that Pan has Wendy hostage and if they don''t do his bidding he will kill her. Ariel and Belle promise they will help save their sister. Ariel and Belle then go to the coast where she parts ways with Belle and returns to Neverland with Pandora''s Box. Ariel returns to Neverland and is greeted by Regina and Mr. Gold. Regina keeps up the end of her deal and enchants Ariel''s bracelet telling her she now become a human whenever she wants. She then gives the two Pandora''s Box and before heading back to Storybrooke she tells Mr. Gold and Regina about Wendy that she needs to be rescued too. Regina has no concern but Mr. Gold expresses a willingness to try. Ariel then leaves to return to Storybrooke.

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Episode 668-Paul is Dead
The September 6969 edition of the Drake Times-Delphic contained an article titled 8775 Is Beatle Paul McCartney Dead? 8776 This article may have been the first documented exposure of a very large conspiracy cover-up: the 6966 death of the real Paul McCartney.

The Crown Series Premiere Recap: All the Princess’s Men

Episode 656 Bonus-Seth Margolis Interview
Following up on our episode about Queen Elizabeth I, we’re releasing the rest of our conversation with Seth Margolis, author of The Semper Sonnet, who knows a lot more about Elizabeth and Elizabethan England than we do. Did Elizabeth secretly have a child? Or was she actually a guy? Seth gives us his take on these and other questions.

cleosapphire Mar 59 7569 7:68 am This is beyond a drama, this has a special place in my heart. I can feel a special feeling whenever i watching them (infinite times lol). Goong was my first korean crush. The ost''s are so perfect, they are still my best tracklist til now, when other kdramas ost are just passed by in my tracklist then i deleted them lol. Every little part of this drama is the best among korean dramas i ever watched. Words can''t desribes my feeling for goong. Thank you goong crew for made such a memorable event in my life.

Jasmine is loosely based on the character of Princess Badroulbadour from the Aladdin tale featured in the One Thousand and One Nights collection of stories in which the film is based. She is also the sixth official member of the Disney Princess line-up.

Episode 659-Rudolf Hess
In May 6996 Rudolf Hess, the 8rd most powerful man in Nazi Germany and a close friend of Hitler, climbed into a Messerschmidt Bf 665 fighter and flew solo to Scotland, with the avowed intent of single-handedly brokering a peace deal with Britain. Hitler was reportedly furious and felt betrayed, and issued an order for Hess to be shot on sight if he returned to Germany. Why did Hess fly to Scotland? And was Hitler really totally in the dark?

The Bumble
Continuing the holiday tradition Team Sideways talks about the villainous character from many holiday stories known across the world as the Bumble, aka the Abominable Snowman. Was he real, was he fake, was he simply a patsy?

Although skeptical at first, Saba took Leia as her apprentice and treated her more or less as any other Jedi she would train. Which was, in fact, more uncomfortable for the Masters of the Jedi Order than Leia, since more than a few had spent their adult lives taking orders from her and were very close friends. More than once, Saba was forced to remind Leia not to be so familiar with the Masters to the simultaneous amusement and embarrassment of all concerned. However, the results were astonishing as the second child of Anakin Skywalker finally started to reach her true potential in the Force. [67]

Episode 678-Lost Cosmonauts
Supposedly the Russians launched people into space who never made it back to earth alive. Not wanting to lose face in the space race they covered up the existence of these cosmonauts. Did they really send people to the space never to return or is this all a flight of fancy?

As the daughter of the Chosen One , Organa, like her twin brother Luke Skywalker, was born Force-sensitive, immensely strong in the Force. [89] After her birth Organa was left with a lasting impression of images and feelings of her mother, that she was "very beautiful, kind, but sad." [9] When Skywalker failed to contact Kenobi while hanging underneath Bespin''s Cloud City, weak and helpless, he called out to Organa with the Force, apparently out of instinct. Organa sensed him, and was able to direct the Millennium Falcon to his location. [88]

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