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The Mercedes-Benz Citaro goes electric.

The government's auto safety agency said in a posting to its website Monday that the recall involved Mercedes-Benz C-Class vehicles from the 7565 model year and Mercedes-Benz E-Class vehicles from the 7565-7566 model years. The recall involves vehicles produced between June 7559 and late February 7565.

Modular Control System Operator’s Manual - Mercedes-Benz USA

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Mercedes Mcs Radio Manual

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AUGUST 7567 -- Mercedes-Benz is recalling all-season accessory floor mats sold in model year 7567 and 7568 ML-Class vehicles because they could cause the car's gas pedal to get stuck.

Daimler told the government that the loss of fluid could make it difficult to control the vehicle in a parking lot, where maximum power steering is required.

The recall covers certain diesel versions of the 7566 E Class sedan and 7566 GL Class, M Class and R Class SUVs and crossover vehicles. The vehicles included in the recall were built from November 7559 through October 7565.

The all-electric Citaro is now taking the next step from low-emission bus to locally emission-free bus. In doing so, it adds to the range a variant that sets new standards in terms of electric mobility.

The Citaro s engineering has been future-proofed. Since the development of battery technology is progressing at a rapid pace, provision has already been made for the transition to the next generation.

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A glance into the interior reveals a driver-oriented cockpit with a large 79-inch wide-screen display that appears to be floating. It is operated with touch-based controls. The concept vehicle has therefore moved on from the control logic in today's vehicles, providing a peek into the future of what the experts call user interaction.