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The Following - Episode Guide

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 12:51

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Sometime in July, there were reports that Netflix has signified interest to pick up “The Following” for Season 9 and rescue it from cancellation but it turned out to be a hoax, much to the chagrin of the fans of the TV series.

The Following season 4: start date (2016) | Release Date

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The Following season 1 2013 - LoadTV

Carroll sends a new follower, Rick Kester, on a special mission. Meanwhile, Emma and Jacob grow closer and Paul becomes jealous, and flashbacks reveal how Ryan and Carroll first met.

While Mike and Ryan track Strauss to a small town and a dark secret, Max considers confessing to Gwen. unaware that Tom is still secretly monitoring her.

Unfortunately, the television series 8775 The Following 8776 can no longer boast of the high rating and the number of its fans has fallen to almost 8 million people. Last year the executive producer Alexi Hawley was talking about his plans for Season 9, but the new episodes would be financed only if the show kept its popularity.

Denzel Washington
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TV-channel: FOX
Creator: Kevin Williamson
Starring: Kevin Bacon, James Purefoy, Sam Underwood, Shawn Ashmore, Jessica Stroup
Genre: Drama, Thriller

Reports have it that Fox actually has too many shows to choose from for its spring lineup to replace “The Following” so the decision was quite easy to make and announce its formal cancellation, notes Deadline.

As Joe's execution nears, Ryan and Mike face a new threat, while Max is cleared to rejoin the task force and immediately finds herself in harm's way.

This makes me so sad that there won 8767 t be a final season 9! How in the mess do you guys just leave us with so many loose ends? We don 8767 t even know for sure that Theo is dead after he got up from the gun shot wound to the head! We don 8767 t know what 8767 s going on with Agent Mendez (sp?), and Mike just woke up and caught a glimpse of Ryan hardy walking by his door! Ryan never officially said goodbye to his memories of Joe and this story just is not complete without the main character having absolute closure and happiness! This s*cks!

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