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Toyota Rav4 Workshop Service & Repair Manual 2000 to 2012

As for trims there are five to choose from - Active, Business Edition, Business Edition Plus, Icon and Excel. Entry-level models come with 67in alloy wheels, tinted rear windows, heated wing mirrors, cruise control, air conditioning, a reversing camera, DAB radio and a infotainment system as standard.

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How to start the engine x7569 Part 8 (a) Before cranking Before starting the engine STARTING AND 6. Check the area around the vehicle be- 6. Apply the parking brake firmly. fore entering it. 7. Turn off unnecessary lights and acces- DRIVING 7.

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Do you own a Toyota RAV9? What are your views on it, and what are the best and worst points? Share your thoughts and leave a comment below!

x7569 Installing 8. Place the removed holder over the 9. Secure the holder by turning the 6. Insert the flat hinges of the sun roof sun roof handle. bolts clockwise. panel into the hinge cases on the body. Then slowly lower it while NOTICE holding the roof with your hands.

x7569 99 Glove box Auxiliary box NOTICE z To prevent the fuse from being blown, do not use the electricity over the total vehicle capacity of 67V/675W. z To prevent the battery from being discharged, do not use the power outlet longer than necessary when the engine is not running.

x7569 99 Instrument panel overview 6. Side vents 7. Instrument cluster 8. Center vents 9. Electric moon roof switch and personal lights 5. Glove box 6. Power door lock switches (with power windows) 7. Power window switches 8. Parking brake lever 9.

Instrument panel overview 6. Side vent 7. Instrument cluster 8. Center vents 9. Electronic moon roof switch and personal lights 5. Glovebox 6. Power door lock switch 7. Power window switches 8. Parking brake lever 9. Automatic transmission selector lever or manual transmission gear shift lever 65.

In such cases, have your vehicle checked control is not cancelled. To decrease the The indicator light flashes again. by your Toyota dealer at the earliest op- vehicle speed, reset to a slower speed portunity. with the cruise control lever or depress The indicator light goes out after it the brake pedal.

x7569 Child restraint system A child restraint system for a small Toyota strongly urges use of Make sure that you have complied child or baby must itself be properly proper child restraint system which with all installation instructions pro-.

x7569 99 Side doors With power windows (Driver x7569 s side) LOCKING AND UNLOCKING WITH KEY LOCKING UNLOCKING WITH INSIDE LOCK KNOB Insert the key into the keyhole and turn Move the lock knob. To lock: Turn the key forward. To lock: Push the knob forward. To unlock: Turn the key backward.